Digital Asset Management

What is DAM (Digital Asset Management)?

DAM platforms are software that store and organize digital assets. This helps brands efficiently find the most relevant media created. This includes PDFs, photos, videos, audio, virtual reality and other forms of digitals.



  • Assets are appended with metadata that provides data about an asset before use. For example:
    • Whether a company has the rights to use the media
    • Whether legal has approved media usage
    • If the media complies with a brands’ formatting requirements
  • Helps maintain consistency across company content
  • A centralized hub for materials to boost the sales process
  • A centralized hub for marketing event materials
  • Easy collaboration for people regardless of location
  • Non-server based
  • Cloud-based


With the endless possibilities of DAM, it is worth taking a look into for your company. If you would like to know more about this software, take a look at this.