Disruptive Forces Using Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

Handle Disruptive Forces in Your Industry Using Hyper-Targeted Adwords Campaigns

The Details

The client, a vacation rental site, was struggling to respond to a very serious threat posed by the arrival of companies such as Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway to the travel industry. They needed a way to evolve so that they could better compete in the digital space and take back some of the
ground that they had lost to their competitors.

The Strategy

The client had hundreds of properties in their inventory, and the challenge was to connect those properties with interested customers.

After collaborating with the client’s management team, we created hyper-targeted campaigns that incorporated keywords specific to each property.

Around this same time, Google rolled out several new features in the Adwords platform. We utilized these as well in the hope that we could help the client gain a competitive advantage.

The Results


The strategy was a success. Our client saw a 1100% increase in conversions in the first month of the PPC campaign. That improvement continued month by month until finally peaking at a 2675%
improvement six months later.

The Conclusion

A more granular approach to our client’s PPC efforts yielded significant gains in conversion volume as the number of properties booked increased dramatically. In fact, the success of this campaign was so great in improving occupancy rates for our client that it necessitated the deployment of a separate strategy: acquiring additional properties to add to their inventory so that they could meet the increased consumer demand.

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