Countdown Ads: A Case Study


How time sensitive are countdown ads (ad customizers)?

The Strategy

Our client offers TEFL/TESOL certification courses offered monthly around United States and Canada.  We examined countdown ads counting down the days until registration closes – one day before classes started on a Saturday in March.

The ads originally launched 21 days before registration ends and classes begin.

Conversions are measured when a visitor initiates the registration funnel.  Revenue is only counted when the registration is complete and payment is made.

Sample Ad-

Teach English TESOL/TEFL Class Registrationin Los Angeles ends in 3 days

The Results

Week 1

Highest CPA, Imp per ConvLowest Conv RateNo revenue generated.

Week 2

CPA and Conv rate improved from week 1Highest CTRAll Revenue generated.

Week 3

Lowest CPA, Imp per ConvHighest Conv RateLowest CTRNo Revenue generated

The Conclusion

For this particular case, the Countdown Ads converted highest during the final week of the countdown, but the CTR was highest during the 2nd week.  Indicates people are researching more 2 weeks out, but converting more during the final week.

All revenue is reported during 2nd week, because this was the date of the initial click.

3rd week out performs the poorest across the metrics.

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