Reach Your Audience Across the Internet (in Real Time)

With Programmatic Advertising, you can target your audience with unmatched precision.

It Only Takes a Millisecond...

…while your ideal customer’s webpage loads, your business is engaged in real-time bidding. You win, and the right ad appears that leads to a sale.

This is the power of programmatic advertising.

At Liftly, our experts help you target your ideal customers with more precision than you ever dreamed was possible.

And we’d love to put that precision to work for your business.

FAQ on Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is the automated buying and selling of ads online. It connects advertisers who want to buy ad space, with publishers, the website owners with space to sell.

Why is Programmatic Ad Management Important?

It allows advertisers with publishers in an efficient, mutually-beneficial manner. For the advertiser, the ability to target the right audience leads to a higher ROI . For the publisher, it allows them to maximize the value of their inventory.

The Elements of Programmatic Advertising

We analyze your business to create custom campaigns that maximize ROI.


Data Onboarding

Work with experts to onboard the right data that leads to the most precise results.

Site Retargeting

Continue to engage people who have visited your website across the Internet.

Persona Targeting

To grow into new territory, we help you create personas that look, act and buy like your ideal audience.

Contextual - Category Targeting

Target to websites that are most relevant and interesting to your audience.


Target ideal customers based on location, or the location of your competitors.

The Liftly Approach to Programmatic Advertising


Real-Time Bidding

With real-time bidding (RTB), your ads are purchased in real-time to reach your ideal customers.

One Platform for All

Gain media-buying efficiencies with one platform across multiple ad exchanges.

Programmatic Retargeting

Use retargeting methods to re-engage potential customers in the buying cycle.

Is Programmatic Advertising Right for You?


1. Discovery Call

Let’s talk about your current advertising strategy, and determine if programmatic advertising is right for you.

2. Develop Plan

We’ll identify the opportunities programmatic advertising can provide and craft a strategy built around your business.

3. Partner and Grow

You’ll see results and stay informed, with 24/7 monitoring and support.

Why Human Intelligence Matters in Programmatic Advertising

With a complex marketplace that connects ad buyers and ad suppliers through even more complicated algorithms, we wouldn’t blame you for asking why humans still matter.

In its simplest terms, it takes expertise and experience to discern and input the proper elements into every campaign.

And once the data starts flowing, human intelligence is able to see patterns, troubleshoot and optimize the campaigns.

We love the technology that allows our clients to connect with customers like never before. But the right people with the right technology is exponentially more powerful.

The Right People. The Right Technology.

Schedule your discovery call today.