Home Page Conversions: Avoid Getting it Wrong

Out of the thousands of home pages how many engage you enough to make you a click? Not many! You should always aim to make the most important action you want users to take to stand out.

The Details

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It is the simplest mystery of internet marketing but still requires constant testing and observation. Your homepage is like inviting your guest in for a cup of tea. You must instantly catch the web page viewers eye, and also get them to do what you want them to do.

Factor in the devices from smart phone to desktop your site must be able to take track and convert with ease and satisfaction. Doing this will achieve your goals with high Click through rates whether you are trying to get an email, sale or give away ebooks.

The Strategy

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The hypothesis here was simple:

We knew that this client wanted to be contacted through his website. We placed a red “Contact Jeff” Button on top of the main site image. Placing the button in plane site we’ve just changed the conversation from why am I on this site? To should I actually click on this big red button?

The user is no longer confused they understand what to do on your home page. Especially, in this case it is what I like to call a soft commit action. Meaning any call to action that require email entry, contact, or free products usually are easy for site users to commit because it’s all free.

The Results

Conversions increased by 54.96%.

Jeff Yelden

The Conclusion

Avoiding optimization on your home page could lead to $1000’s of dollars lost. This is the 20 percent that does the 80% of the work for you. If a visitor is forced to your front page you have to capture their attention to an action item immediately. Whether it is a click to another page, form, or sale. Understanding the options offered on your homepage then optimizing to the most important action or actions move your site from a stagnant liability to an evergreen asset for your ventures.

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