Red Product Badges: Increase Product CTR

E-commerce sites are the most challenging to track therefore they are very hard to optimize. A technique in this case study will show you a cool way to get more click through rates on your products in your online stores?

The Details

You have an eCommerce store, and you have plenty of products. Some are on sale, plus size, mark down you name it. In order to get these products in plane view amidst the hundreds of products you have in your store you need some type of labels that stick out in contrast to your products.

We put a theory to the test. We believed that putting Red badges on certain products would create a higher click rate on that item. The results were nothing short of astonishing.

One Faith Badge CRO 1

The Strategy

The hypothesis here was simple:

We wanted to test if placing badges on a products would increase the click through rate. We placed a small red badge on the right corner of the image. When users clicked the badge it would expand and have a label on sale or plus size.

Picture your favorite store having a discount with a table out front. More than likely you are going to that table to save on the bargains, and deals even though they might be more expensive then a mark down tag on a dress at the back of the store. What can’t be seen will probably not be clicked on. Imagine placing tags on your hottest selling item marked “Best Selling” on a red badge. Imagine the results.

The Results

One Faith Badge
Conversions increased by 797.89%.

The Conclusion

Bring attention to your top selling products, on sale, mark down product on your eCommerce store will increase your results. Use a badge that is of contrast to your site so that it stands out, and your viewers won’t miss it. Anything that usually makes the web page viewers job easier will more than likely result in more sales and product views on your site all of the time.

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