Pink Product Badges: Increase Product CTR

The second installment of our Product Badges test yielded another success (First Case #1). We continue our product badge for CTR campaign on another clients page and succeed yet again.

The Details

Mason Jar 1

Our goals with this site was to use the same color scheme and create a badge that would convert with enticing deals and value. Our logic was that in order to get these products in plane view amidst the hundreds of products you have in your store you need some type of labels that stick out in contrast to your products. We also wanted to cross reference and see if this site technique worked as as with our first case study

We put the theory to the test. We believed that putting Non-static Pink badges on certain products would create a higher click rate on that item. This test was different because we used the same color scheme as the website. The results were similar to the first case study reinforcing that this actually works.

The Strategy

Mason Jar 2

The hypothesis here was simple:

We wanted to test if placing pink badges on a products would increase the click through rate. We placed a small pink badge on the right corner of the image. When users clicked the badge it would expand and have a label.

The Results

Conversions increased 737.65%.Mason Jar

The Conclusion

This is a consistent working CRO technique that can work for multiple eCommerce site. Not only can you use a badge that is of contrast to your site but matches the color scheme yields the same amount of results as a high contrast non-matching color. Ultimately,  this shows the flexibility that is available when using badges to increase product CTR and possible product sales.

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