Digital marketing has evolved quite a bit from its early days. Now, there are a multitude of platforms that can be utilized for digital marketing. These different channels can help digital marketers with finding new leads and audiences. Here are five different channels that you can utilize for great results and new audiences!


For Brand Awareness


LinkedIn makes it easy to create brand awareness. You can connect with your audience, new leads, other professionals in your industry and more. LinkedIn also allows you to share content with others. This is important because, unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is always business focused. This means that content will be by the relevant audience and more meaningful.



Podcasts are a great way to reach more people and connect with your current audience. Podcasts are also a great way to elevate your brand awareness. All of this being said, creating podcasts is time consuming and sometimes difficult for brands. If you can start a podcast channel, it is very beneficial. Another option for busier brands is guest appearances on other podcasts relevant to your business.



Email marketing is not a new concept. Many companies already use this. Email marketing enhances your existing members list through personalized contact. It’s a great way to convey new messages, changes, promotions and more to your audience. Email marketing is just a great way to stay connected to everyone.


For Social, PPC, SEO, etc.

Google Retargeting Campaigns

Most digital marketers already use Google’s SEO and PPC functions; however, people are really missing the retargeting features. This allows for “warmer” people to see your ads. The audience that your ads are targeting have also interacted with your media and products in some way or another. Of all of the channels, this is the one that can generate the most results.



While everyone thinks of Google, no one thinks about the benefits of using Bing for digital marketing. Google usually gets the most traction, but this is precisely the advantage of using bing. The reduced competition makes Bing a great option. This also drives the overall cost down, so that’s a plus! Bing is also great for SEO purchases. It has some great smart targeting functionalities.

Try out some of these underrated channels! If you would like more information about all of these channels, visit here.