2022 is the year of travel, beebee. Sound familiar? 2021 did not cause the bounce back that many thought it would, due in part to many Covid variants. This caused delays on most travel plans but it did help to keep the travel bug itching.

How can a marketing strategy feed into the travel bug? Great question.

A great way to showcase your property is through a formulated content strategy to showcase experiences from the guest’s point of view. These 5 tips can help you build out a strategy that will have FOMO come to life at your destination.

  1. Go All In on User Generated Content To Create a Buzz

    • Create your User Generated strategy (ahem, part 2 of this series)
  2. Post 3x per week
    • Active posting shows users you are engaged, it keeps your brand conversion relevant
  3. Create an experience within the hotel
    • Place QR codes around so people can follow, see and share your content
    • Create a scavenger hunt
    • Hide or showcase an item in your destination only true explorers would notice or find
  4. Show behind the scenes

    • Ease people’s fear of traveling by showcasing what is going on behind the scenes of the hotel
    • Take feedback from reviews, direct from guests and create content that appeals to any audiences
  5. Answer questions in a video
    • You have seen a TikTok where a user’s comment is on the screen at the same time the content is being filmed. This is a great way to engage and get more content bang for your buck. Plus people get any questions answered.



Have a restaurant on location? Feature food items on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to entice people. We all love #foodporn.

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