Are you taking advantage of the best new tools at your disposal? It’s crucial to be aware of and utilize the full spectrum of visual innovation that’s been emerging. During the pandemic, the need for outstanding visuals has skyrocketed. What are you doing to differentiate yourself from the competition? As social media usership has grown, so has the need to stand out. From easy-to-compose videos to augmented reality, the following trends are exciting ones that promise to make your content really count in 2021. Boost your brand and start taking advantage of these visual social media strategies now. 


Instagram Reels

Videos are the kings of content right now, especially now that Instagram has made user-friendly Reels a part of its incredibly effective platform. Added last year, this easy-to-use tool allows users to craft together a video montage using AR from IG’s effects gallery along with tunes from the Insta music library. Film and edit on the go using a timer (choose the length of the video and there’s a countdown before the recording starts). Speed the content up or slow it down—that goes for both the video as well as the music, so you can stay on beat. Align the clips to make for seamless transitions. All in all, it’s a cool tool that will make for attractive, easy-to-assemble content. 


LinkedIn Live 

LinkedIn Live has changed the way brands can connect with consumers. In the age of COVID, virtual is everything, and it is everywhere. With LinkedIn Live, brands stream their events live, instantly reaching its connections. On average, a video on LinkedIn Live generates more than 24 times the comments of an average native video. The word-of-mouth of the platform travels far, giving your brand the extra umph it needs to stand out to the audience you’ve worked so hard to establish on LinkedIn. The storytelling opportunity is yours to take advantage of–utilize it in every way you can and reach consumers and potential customers around the world.


Visual, Real-Life Testimonials 

Are you taking advantage of the great testimonials you’ve received (or could be receiving?) A visual testimonial is different from a written testimonial in that in combining an image or video with the testimonial, you’re adding impact when you share them on your social media sites. We are all drawn to visuals, and even more so when it’s a real person (not a sales-y pitch) vouching for a product. Try incentivizing customers to post a homemade video testimonial of a product, tagging you in the process. Since you’ll be reposting, customers will know the original poster was a real person vouching for your brand of their own free will. Be sure to doctor up the visual to make it more aesthetically pleasing—make the customer look great but don’t worry about the laundry in the corner of their shot (because laundry is real!). When you share it on social media, viewers will be able to sense the authenticity and will trust your brand more for it. 


What visual tool will you utilize this week? Contact us to discuss what social media strategies will work best for your business!