The COVID-19 crisis has plagued many industries. However, for digital marketers it has provided some new data on how users interact with media. With the prolonged nature of this virus, this new data can be vital for the future of digital marketing. Here are some ways to interpret and enhance the potential new reality of digital marketing.


Creative Re-focus

We are in a pandemic, and this crisis is affecting millions across the globe. Adjust creatives that may not reflect the sentiment of togetherness. At this time, it is important that creatives reflect more about uplifting communities rather than just selling your product. While sales are important during this time, it should not outweigh the importance of giving comfort.


Up-to-date Reporting

The usual data reporting usually captures data on a month-to-month scale. This practice usually displays the most relevant data. However, the ever-changing nature of today’s world prompts a more daily based data management. More recent data will directly show what is working and what is tanking budgets.



It’s become harder for businesses to keep up with delivering products and services in a timely manner. THAT’S OKAY! It is important to be honest with consumers when things are delayed. This also goes for updating websites, social media, and other things. People’s digital consumption habits have escalated, but there is no need to panic about time delays. Embrace this and give yourself room to produce and the best pace possible.


Engage with Consumers

The majority of consumers are at home right now. This is the best time to foster a relationship with them. Taking an extra step to engage with your audience will allow more enhanced campaigns and overall more conversions. This will help take the guesswork out of understanding what your consumers need from you.

I hope you can adopt some, if not all, of these practices. If you want more information about the best practices to incorporate during this time, visit this site. It is also important to mention that above everything helping one’s community and staying safe is the most important thing right now.