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Yes, the decade is officially over and it has been for almost a month. However, I have yet to reflect upon how digital marketing faired in the 2010’s. This past decade was a transformative one for marketing in general. The rapid development of new technology resulted in a vast improvement for marketing. Let’s take a look at the trends that shaped the digital marketing you utilize today.


Content discovery has forever changed due to the invention of SEO. SEO has delivered the answers to users’ questions. With highly relevant search results, both consumers and companies are able to find the information almost instantaneously. SEO has and will always be a staple for digital marketing.

Local Search

The ability to search “near me” and find businesses near your exact location is a product of this past decade and it has enhanced consumer search behavior. The incline of mobile searches defined the last decade. Thus, location tracking was able to thrive. The increased mobile searches allowed for location tracking to become more accurate and advanced. Location tracking has allowed consumers the convenience to find places nearest to them while also promoting new local businesses.


Cookies have changed digital marketing so greatly that it seems impossible to imagine a digital marketing world without this world. The ability to mass store data about individual consumers is probably the greatest tool for digital marketers. Cookies have also unlocked Google retargeting, cross-channel targeting and much more. Cookies also allow accurate ROI on marketing spend and determine which campaigns are actually generating clicks.

Mobile Search

The last decade marked increased mobile compatibility. The 2010’s marked the advancement of smartphones and, as a result, everything has become catered to smartphone viewing. This is because mobile compatibility offers convenience. You can online shop anywhere or track your fitness anywhere. The surge in mobile search also has to do with urgency. People are more likely to look up a product or service on their mobile phone if they have a sense of urgency. People are looking to buy now, so products and services should be ready for this urgency.

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