google updates on paid and organic search - clicks and clients

Google is stepping up their design in 2020 for paid and organic search.

google updates for paid and organic search

The left image was the original display for mobile search. The right image is the upcoming display of mobile search.

Source: TechCrunch

So…What Changed?

Paid Search

  • Google Search Ads on desktops have a bolded “Ad” label unlike the original green boxed label.
  • The URL has been moved above the headline text.
  • The text of the URL matches organic searches

Organic Search

  • Similar to Paid, the URL has been moved above the page title.
  • The URL colors have been changed from green to black.
  • These changes have been made in mobile form.
  • The desktop changes are coming out soon.

So far, research has shown that paid search is increasingly becoming harder to identify. These changes can impact how paid and organic search do in terms of clicks and other aspects. What are your thoughts on these new updates that have just rolled out?