AI Fueled Marketing | Liftly

As digital marketing becomes more advanced, it becomes a marketer’s responsibility to keep up with the advancements. The latest trend has become more AI, artificial intelligence, focused. AI can make data informed decisions. Here are some ways that AI has and will continue to dominate the digital market.

Content Marketing

There are many forms of AI fueled content marketing, but perhaps the most recognizable must be curated ads. Targeting ads are becoming more and more personable for people. The purpose of this targeting is to promote products that the user may find alluring. It is a great way to enhance the shopping experience and for the user to expand their shopping horizons. Sites like Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, etc. utilize this form of marketing frequently. 

Lead Scoring

As a marketer, results are always data driven. You always lean towards the more responsive option. AI can run simulations that can test to rank your prospects. The AI ability to qualify leads saves time and resources for marketers like you. Now you can focus on increasing the conversion rate and sales revenue.

Other Forms

AI is an all-encompassing form of technology. There are two other major forms of AI use in digital marketing such as chat marketing and email marketing. I have gone into detail about these two incredibly useful forms of marketing. 

While this post was short and sweet, I hope you got a glimpse of the uses of AI. Make 2020 the year of AI for you!